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Friar’s Walk

Reinforcing the connection to Glór and the new County library, while also delivering high-quality housing of a typology that will respond to the needs of the town in the future.

The Friar's Walk Transformational Project seeks to coherently knit together a number of underutilised sites, creating a reinvigorated quarter adjacent to the Poor Clare Monastery. Key features of the project are as follows:

  • Residential blocks to provide a mix of unit types at heights of 2-4 storeys
  • Blocks to be arranged around a courtyard setting, which is well supervised and overlooked
  • Pedestrian permeability around/ through blocks
  • Community development to support, enhance and expand existing uses in the locality
  • Proposed public open space to enhance amenity and be overlooked by residential uses
  • A multi-storey car park to provide for travel to the town centre, alongside a new bus shelter to promote and provide for public transport infrastructure

Page last reviewed: 20/10/21

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