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Wetland and Enterprise

Delivering on climate adaption measures, improving amenity, supporting tourism and generating employment.

For Ennis the critical move is to establish a design concept and investment plan for the 'Wetlands' area to the east of the Town Centre that will:

  • Allow land parcels to be managed though nature-based solutions in a setting noted for its sylvan quality, parkland character and wetlands
  • Change the trend on climate adaptation through progressive measures that are proactive rather than reactive
  • Promote health and well-being through its recreation and amenity offer to include walking and cycling along with water based activities
  • Showcase historic features (e.g. Clare Abbey)
  • Provide direct routes to the Town Centre and access to the M18
  • Allow land that is not vulnerable to flooding to be utilised for employment activities in areas such as logistics (approximate to the M18), Life Sciences and Technology

Page last reviewed: 20/10/21

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