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Shaping Our Future

Clare County Council, through the development of an Ennis 2040 Economic and Spatial Strategy, has set out ambitious growth targets and proposes the prioritisation of sustainable economic activities that will grow our population on average by 1.6% per annum and deliver an additional 5,000 jobs by 2040. As a long term strategy, it will inform and drive the economic, social, and physical development of our county town, Ennis, over the next 20 years.

Why Ennis?

Its strategic location near Shannon International Airport and Foynes Port, its highly skilled English speaking workforce and positioning on the dynamic Atlantic Economic Corridor, coupled with its quality of life proposition on the Wild Atlantic Way make it an attractive destination for enterprise development,  and a great place to live, work and visit.

The Strategy

The Ennis 2040 Economic and Spatial Strategy seeks to support compact growth and realise sustainable economic, social and environmental opportunities in Ennis and Clare over the next 20 years. This will provide a basis for targeted investment, balanced economic growth and a sustainable spatial pattern of development over the coming years.

Key Projects

Nine strategic sites have been identified as potential opportunity sites to deliver on the ambitious targets and strategic objectives set out within the strategy. These sites, when developed, will transform Ennis enabling the town to prosper as a successful, diverse and vibrant social, civic, commercial, cultural and residential centre.

Ennis 2040 News highlights